We have a comfortable bathing suite and use only high-quality products designed to address any skin or coat-care needs including parasite removal and preventative to make them look and feel their very best. Please speak to a staff member to address any specific requests that you have.

Baths include ear cleaning, fan dry and brushing as needed.

We will ask you for a pick-up time as baths are done near the end of their visit giving them plenty of time to play and be clean and dry upon your arrival.

Two ladies bathing a shepherd

Nail Trimming

Probably the most important service for your pet. Long toe nails can cause arthritis and foot pain effecting their overall well-being. We utilize equipment and techniques that are comfortable and non-traumatic while achieving desired effects.

A golden retriever being held down gently as a lady cuts her nails
A woman holding a pomeranian in her arms as another trims his nails
One woman gently holding down a brown dog while another clips his nails