Close up of a frenchie puppy's face

A graduating training class with their certificates


Beginner to Advanced and Competition Levels.

All instruction is provided by experienced, accomplished trainers with proven results and earned titles in AKC performance events.

Our methods are in game form; using motivational techniques and play that are fun for both the dog and owner. We welcome and encourage all family members to attend training sessions to learn the games and participate in the training process. A well-behaved dog makes for a happy family. Don’t settle for good when you can be GREAT!

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A video of a very good rottweiler working with our trainer on his lunch time manners. He sits and waits for his food, and then eats when he is told he can. A very good boy indeed!

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A Golden Retriever is told to sit, stay, and then "break" when he can eat and he obeys.

A class of 5 dogs with their parents and Cindy