An aussie puppy laying down inside


Full and half day visits are available.

This setting is ideal for any dog owner who wants their dog to have fun, get plenty of exercise and socialize with others. It is great for puppies, any dog learning the group dynamic of a pack or any dog that just loves to play. The older kids may be less physically active but they love the mental stimulation of supervising their kingdom. We understand that you can’t be with your dog all the time, but if you could, you would want it to be this much fun!

We have a 3,000-square foot indoor, climate controlled play area that is completely visible from our welcome area. A large, securely fenced yard has plenty of fresh water, room to sniff and is designed to promote healthy exercise while preventing over stimulation or reactive behaviors. No matter the weather, we will play.

Eligibility for Daycare

  • Current on Vaccines
  • Non-aggressive
  • Parasite-free

A “Meet & Greet” appointment is required to assess each dog’s suitability for the open-play community setting. During this visit, owners will see the entire facility and the dog will be introduced to other dogs while experiencing group activities.