A chihuahua relaxing in a woman's arms
A black lab licking his lips in a group of dogs
6 dogs standing on the playsets staring at something off screen
A cattle dog, mix, jack russell and frenchie all looking eagerly at the camera
A yellow lab smiling with a chocolate lab standing in front
A chocolate lab making a very silly face
A yellow lab rolling on her back
A frenchie sleeping, wrapped up in a blanket with another small dog next to her
A cluster of a bunch of dogs napping under a table
A papillon sitting on the patio
A golden laying on the floor with a toy in her mouth
A frenchie and husky mix walking towards the camera
A very dapper corgi dressed in a tie
An aussie mix making a funny face at the camera
A border collie looking excited at fresh hay
An australian shepherd standing by the patio
A pitbull smiling at the camera
A jack russel sitting down smiling at the camera