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Welcome to A Dog's Life Doggie Daycare & Training Center

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Hi! My name is Pink and my Mom, Cindy Wold started A Dog’s Life way back before I was born. Back then, Mom was working as a Registered Nurse and spent all of her free time with my older sister, a Rottweiler named Indigo. I never met Indy; she has been an Angel for a long time but I’ve been told that they did amazing things together. Every day, when Mom went to work, it broke her heart that Indy had to stay home alone. There was nowhere for dogs to go.

In 2000, Mom decided to change all that. She left Nursing full time and A Dog’s Life was born. She made the most pawsome Daycare Center for dogs and opened the doggy door for all to enjoy. She has lots of fun ways to teach everyone how to get along, use good manners and have a great day. She calls it 'Play With A Purpose' and nobody gets injured. She even teaches classes so that other Moms and Dads can learn how to play fun games with their dogs to teach good manners. The dogs kept coming and Mom needed help. Now, there are several really great people that work with all of us dogs and play the games. Almost 20 years and lots and lots of happy dogs later, my Mom still runs the safest, most experienced, totally fun Doggie Daycare Center on the Treasure Coast and is the most accomplished trainer too!

Please take a sniff around our site and see all that is A Dog’s Life. Then, don’t delay, call the Center to make an appointment to bring your dog in to join our big happy pack. You’ll love it and your dog will love you for it.

Cindy Wold, Owner

A Dog's Life Doggie Daycare and Training Center
1000 Old Dixie Industrial Park - 926 9th Way
Vero Beach, FL 32960 | 772-770-2100 | Contact Us

Looking for Personal Attention?
You'll find it at A Dog's Life!

We love your best friend
like they're our best friend
...because they are!

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(subtitle) You'll find it here at A Dog's Life!

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(subtitle) We love your best friend like they're our best friend....

(subtitle) ...because they are!

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