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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to ask any staff member if you have any further questions.

Do dogs ever get hurt?

We do our best to prevent any injuries. 4 total since 2000 requiring medical care. Proper supervision by trained staff is our procedure to meet this goal. We are very proud of our safety record. Since dogs play with their mouths and paws, during normal play, a dog may get miner scratches or nicks that may break the skin. Although extremely rare, more serious injuries could occur.

What do you do in case of injury?

Our first concern is for the safety of the dog. We notify the owner and arrange for transport to the dog’s own Vet. In case of emergency, we will transport the dog directly to their Vet or the closest Vet, in case of life-threatening emergency. We will notify the owner as soon as safely possible. Our staff is trained in basic First Aid and CPR for pets. Allergic reactions (insect stings) are our most common reasons requiring Vet care; not injury.

It seems a bit crazy when I drop my dog off. Is it always like that?

No. The dogs love to be here so when they arrive or if we have human visitors, the dogs get very excited and you can usually see and hear their excitement. They settle into a fun routine quickly. The mornings are much higher energy than the afternoons but there is always dog-play going on.

Can I stay and watch my dog play?

We are an open play facility meaning we have dogs of all ages and sizes safely playing in a comfortable family pack. We ensure that all dogs have plenty of playtime and healthy socialization. If you are present, your dog will be able to see, hear or even sense your presence and will often be reluctant to leave you for play. We don’t recommend you stay for more than 5 or 10 minutes.

Is someone with the dogs at all times?

YES! There is a staff member present with the dogs at all times. They are never left unattended whether it be in the playroom, outdoors or bath tub. That is why it may take us a few rings to answer the phone.

My dog is a bit stinky and his nails scratch me. Can you bathe and trim nails?

Absolutely! We have a comfortable bathing suite with shampoos designed to take care of any coat or skin care needs. Our staff are experts at nail trimming and our methods are gentle, humane to achieve the best possible results.

What if my dog seems scared or apprehensive?

Often, like the first days of school for children, your dog can get nervous being in a new environment. There is a lot of stimulation that they may not be used to. With repeated visits, your dog will realize that A Dog’s Life is a comfortable, fun environment and that you always return for them. If your dog is older, shy or hasn’t spent much time with other dogs, we recommend that you first, bring your dog for a few half day visits in the afternoon to help him get acquainted.

What is the spray bottle for?

We use spray bottles with plain water along with verbal commands and time-outs, as needed to discourage unwanted behavior.

Why is my dog so energetic when I pick him up?

Your dog has spent all day having fun with his friends. He is thrilled to see you and as we like to see it, over the moon with gratitude for you providing him with the opportunity.

Why is my dog so tired when he comes home?

This is one of the many benefits of visits to A Dog’s Life. Your dog is busy all day so, naturally, they are tired when they settle in at home. They are more on their human’s schedule and upon your arrival home, are ready to eat and relax instead of being home all day and wanting their day to now begin. We have plenty of places for them to rest and relax during the day and often put the puppies down for regular nap times. All puppies are crated for their naps so they can get some uninterrupted rest.

Why is my dog thirsty when he gets home?

Clean, fresh water is available to the dogs at all times. Playing hard is just as strenuous as working out and often dogs will be distracted by all their friends and not drink as much as their bodies require. They will still need to rehydrate at the end of the day.

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